Meet the Team

Maressa Cortes

Maressa Cortes is the Director and Co-Founder of Las Traumadas. She is passionate about making the world a better place through art and self-awareness.  In her spare time Maressa has anxiety. She has picked up a couple of hobbies to distract herself from it: painting, writing, collaging, pasta making, and the occasional outdoors-y thing like hiking or biking.

Mackenzie Jenkins

Mackenzie is Las Traumadas money handler & formatter. She graduated from JMU with a degree in Sociology and Spanish. In her free time she likes to envision a world where everybody reads the zine and practices emotional intelligence.

Brenda Diaz-Castro

Brenda Diaz-Castro's search for authenticity and creativity lead her to become a co-founder of Las Traumadas. She finds much freedom in the process of understanding one's psyche. She's a Montessori teacher assistant by day and a punk always. Connecting to her Mexican heritage and spirituality is a constant need in her life. When she's not freaking out about her emotions, she likes to read, watercolor, take her of her plant babies, and play music!

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