Meet the Team

Maressa Cortes

Maressa Cortes is the Director and Co-Founder of Las Traumadas. She values joy and love above everything else, and strives to find them in her everyday. When she's not working on the zine, she can be found in a Montessori Classroom working with toddlers. In her spare time, Maressa likes to be creative by singing, cooking, and writing movies.

Leah Gingerich

A Creative with a swell of love for the natural world, Leah believes we are all interconnected: people; plants; and animals. She believes humans can learn about relationship through our curiosity and interaction with the natural world . Leah has an undergraduate degree in Exceptional Ed. with a focus in Autism Spectrum Disorders and an MAED in Restorative Justice in Education, although she cares nothing of title. Leah believes laughter and a wellspring of joy is very good medicine. Leah lives in Charlottesville with her biggest fan [her man] & two weirdo cats.

Mackenzie Jenkins
Mackenzie Jenkins.jpg

Mackenzie is Las Traumadas money handler & formatter. She graduated from JMU with a degree in Sociology and Spanish. In her free time she likes to envision a world where everybody reads the zine and practices emotional intelligence.

Brenda Diaz-Castro
Brenda Diaz.jpg

Brenda Diaz-Castro's search for authenticity and creativity lead her to become a co-founder of Las Traumadas. She finds much freedom in the process of understanding one's psyche. She's a Montessori teacher assistant by day and a punk always. Connecting to her Mexican heritage and spirituality is a constant need in her life. When she's not freaking out about her emotions, she likes to read, watercolor, take her of her plant babies, and play music!